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  1. gumnaam
    About: The old film 'Gumnaam' was picturised on Sabiha and Sudhir.  It was a classic old Black and White movie. On march 26th, 1954 it was on the screen of the cinemas of lollywood. G. A Gull made this old pakistani movie and the director of 'Gumnaam' was Anwer Kamal. 
  2. sassi
    About: 'Sassi' was a great old pakistani black & white movie which was picturised on Sabiha and Sudhir.  The film 'Sassi' was such a great lollywood movie. On the day of 3rd june, 1954 when it was the first time on screens.  J.C Aanand was the movie maker and the director name was Dawood Chaand.
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